Rules & Code of Conduct

Rules & Code of Conduct

1. Always donate archers unless something else is requested.

2. Say ‘thank you’ and ‘you are welcome’, by name if possible.

3. Donate generously and before requesting for your own troops. You must donate more than 150/week. Don’t let your donations received greatly exceed your donations given. Do not leave and return in order to reset your donation count (see #5). For more information, see our section On donations.

4. Do not ask to be an elder.

5. Do not clan hop. If you leave, you will be allowed back in only once, at the discretion of the elders.

6. Be respectful. Do not insult, argue or use foul language.

7. You will not receive dragons, Pekkas or witches until you have been in the clan a while (the “new” gone from your name). DO NOT ABUSE requesting for dragons and other high level troops.

8. If for some reason, you cannot be active for a period of time, just let one of the elders or stoic know.

9. Do not request a specific level of troop, in order to give all members opportunities to donate. Be happy with whatever troops you get and remember that we all help each other.

10. Respect the Elders’ decisions. Elders will monitor and deal with issues. If there is a specific issue that you feel is not being addressed, please email myself or stoic.

11. Respect other’s and protect your own privacy. See our policy On privacy.

12. If you are new here, please see our section on New Members.