On privacy

Our clan’s goal is to enjoy this game in a fun, safe and respectful environment. We have Elders and a Code of Conduct that is enforced to achieve our goal.

Many of us have been in this clan for a long time, and new members come and go all the time. And even though some have been in the clan for a period of time, many of us do not actually know each other in “real life”, though some do. This game, and our clan, is played by people of all ages and demographics. Young people especially, growing up in this age of online, anonymous communities, do not have a developed level of awareness about protecting their privacy.

It is important that while we can share, engage and enjoy this game as a clan, we must be respectful of other’s privacy, and be mindful to protect our own.

So please:

◾Do not ask personal questions about others.
◾Do not provide personal information about yourself or others.

If you feel uncomfortable about ANY interaction on clan chat, then inform Stoic or an elder immediately. Take a screenshot of the interaction if able. We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, disrespect or invasive behavior.

If you feel uncomfortable about an interaction, say that! Do not feel obligated AT ANY POINT to provide ANY personal information.

In the event that you want to email someone else in the clan – EVEN and elder or Stoic – you may want to use a separate email account (make up one on gmail), so that your personal email is not revealed.

If the Elders perceive that someone is prying or sharing too much information, we may say something. Please understand that we do so in order to protect the goals of this clan – To play this game in a fun, safe and respectful environment. Please support that goal.

I want to remind you that this is NOT A CHAT ROOM, nor is it texting by phone with your mate. If you have personal friends in this clan and want to discuss personal business, please do so in your own private forum and do not use our clan or global chat for these purposes. It clutters up the clan chat AND violates our policy on privacy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I truly believe that this is important, not just here in Clash of Clans, but for anywhere on the internet or in our personal lives.