One point of contention is the concern that donation ratios are off.

If you are a new member, or have fewer than ~150 donations/week, then we monitor your donation ratio closely, in order to prevent abuse and the slow clan-hop.

After you have become established and are an active participant and core member, then there is no hard and fast rule about donation ratio. You still must keep donations above 150/week, unless you have a reason, such as travel or such. Just let us know.

There are no special rules for elders. We are just core members with a long and trusted history with each other. As such, it may seen that our donations ratios are off, but for the most part our absolute donations are the highest in the clan.

Furthermore, keep in mind that each donation you make is an investment in this clan. As we tend to have many long term members, as we grow and help each other grow, the quality of troops keeps going up.

Good luck!